Love is a marvelous and heavenly thing. It never tires and never thinks that it has done enough. It tackles work no matter how arduous and in its vocabulary is nowhere to be found the word impossible.

- St. Robert Bellarmine

Prayer For Down Syndrome

O Holy St. Robert Bellarmine, I pray for your loving intercession for the needs of those with Down syndrome.

May you be at the side of every mother with child, that she will have the faith to overcome worldly thoughts and fears that could distract her from recognizing the precious gift of life growing within her.

May you be at the side of the parents, families, friends, teachers, and caregivers that they will have the grace to know the Lord's merciful hand is guiding them through life's joys and struggles. May they place their hope and complete trust in Jesus.

St. Robert Bellarmine, help me to keep my eyes open for the opportunity to show my love like Jesus and not to let fear of the unknown prevent me from doing the Divine Will. I ask you to entrust these intentions to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary that she may place them before the altar of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus. Amen.

Prayer For An Expectant Mother Of A Baby With Down Syndrome

O Holy and merciful Lord who made my soul and the soul of my baby in Your image, I beg You, increase my wisdom to understand, my justice to love and my courage and strength to overcome my fears. Hide my soul within You Lord that worldly thoughts shall not consume me nor distract me from the precious gift of life growing within my womb.

O sweet Lord who so loves, so protects, and so nurtures, help me to place my trust in You. Give me the humility and grace to carry my beautiful baby until birth, so I may raise my baby to know and love you.

O Most Holy St. Robert Bellarmine who was inspired by the Holy Spirit, I implore your miraculous intercession before the Lord to answer my prayer and to be with me while I am pregnant with my baby. Amen.

Prayer For Raising A Child With Down Syndrome

O Sweet Lord through the intercession of St. Robert Bellarmine, I ask for your merciful hand to guide me with sacrificial love to raise my beautiful child of light, your perfect creation. Lord, help me to know that Your burden is light and Your yoke is easy as I care for my precious child whose humble soul shines with purity, beauty and the Love of God.

O Lord, what is easier, gentler and sweeter than to know the goodness, beauty and love which is my child and You O Lord. Amen.

My Prayer

O St. Robert Bellarmine, help me to do the Divine Will in my life at every moment,
To share my smile, my joy, my love and my unique talents and abilities,
And to continue to be the light of Jesus. Amen.

Prayer Before Surgery

O loving Father, I pour out my heart to you and ask for the intercession of St. Robert Bellarmine that (name of person) with Down syndrome will have a successful surgery. Take the worries and fears away and replace them with Your thoughts of love, mercy, and generosity. Help us to trust in divine providence that all will be according to Your plan.

Give the doctors, nurses, and medical staff, patience, gentleness, wisdom, and clarity so as to know exactly what is needed for surgery. Guide the surgeon's hands for accurate precision. May there be no complications and a speedy recovery so that (name of person) may continue to know, love and serve the Lord in this world and continue to fulfill his/her mission on this earth. Amen.

Prayer To The Blessed Virgin Mary For Her Children With Down Syndrome

Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy, you were given to us as a mother and teacher. Come and teach us through the Lord's grace to be the best mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and friends that we can for your children with Down syndrome. Help us to accept these children as children so special to you, with gratitude as a beautiful gift from God. Make us faithful to God's will. Guide us with your motherly wisdom, fortitude, gentleness, and most of all, love, so as to help nurture your beautiful children. Place your mantle around them as a protection from all harm and evil. We ask this through Jesus Christ, Your Son, Our Lord, in whom we place all our trust. Amen.